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Empires Online is a free multiplayer online strategy game that combines fantasy and strategy in battle
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1 November 2012

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Strategy Game 1.528 also known as Empire Online II is one of the most famous multiplayer strategy game played on the internet. In the game you are being reckoned as a young monarch and the sole responsibility in deciding the future of your country rests upon you. In order to save your country you have to raise your own army, build castle and design strategies to overcome the enemies. Some of the dreaded creatures like the polar titans, green dragon and golden knight will be all out against you to conquer your kingdom. So for putting up a strong resistance and win against them you need to come up with best possible strategies and win the game.

This game is played by thousands of players online and can offer great help in fighting your enemies and building castles. Let’s now talk of the important features of this game. The game does not demand that you have to spend hours on it. Just few minutes daily will be more than sufficient. Further there is no limitation of time imposed on the game and you can enjoy and play the game for months and even years. To get into the game it is not at all difficult and there are instant help features along with newbie missions and video tutorials to making you entering and playing the game even easier. Whole plot of this game is thoughtfully design and is really uncomplicated and you can learn and generate great deals of strategies. Navigation in the game as well as 3D maps is indeed simple and pleasing and the fight that you will view, certainly gives the feeling of real war.

Unlike FPS games, this game is purely a strategy based game where you are assigned a mission to save your country by all means possible. It wins a ranking of three stars on account of its amazing plot and great graphics.

Publisher's description

Empire Online II is a free online multi-player strategy game. In this game, you are a young monarch, must use production, construction, wars, diplomacy and all possible means to protect the country. You will be able to decide the country's destiny: suffers bullying, or gains a prominent reputation. All monarchs online are real and ambitious players just like you, and you can fight enemies, form alliances, or support friend with endless stream of goods and armies. Human and wizards coexist in this continent, as a monarch, you may have castles with different races. Extremely powerful creatures, such as golden knights, green dragons, and polar titans will fight for you. The time system of this game simulates the real world, it means that you may need a few months time to develop your empire, may also have to spend many days to gather armies, but all these are worthy, because it will give you the game play with unparalleled realism. Fortunately, even if you are offline, You loyal subjects still continue to produce resources for you, your heroes and armies won't stop the war too. Conquer or die, you have no other choice!
Strategy Game
Strategy Game
Version 1.528
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